The contract covers reconstruction of the railway platform in Paldiski. The following works will be performed during the reconstruction process:
1) Complete removal of 100 meters of the platform
2) Pitching of piles for installation of new reinforced concrete mounting slabs
3) Installation of reinforced concrete mounting slabs
4) Base preparation for laying down of paving blocks and installation of the upper slabs
5) Installation of the upper slabs
6) Laying down of paving blocks
7) Ramp construction
8) Landscape design performance

Project Details

  • Category: BuildingBuilding
  • Client: Leonhard Weiss OÜ
  • Project Name: Reconstruction of the railway platform in Paldiski
  • Сountry: Estonia
  • Address: Paldiski
  • Start Date: August 2020
  • End Date: September 2020