Exterior work

The facade is both the face and the shield of the building. First of all, exterior of your structure and protective ability from destructive factors are depend on it.

Wet facades are the ordinary facades which are most in the city. As a rule, these are plaster facades. The plaster is puttied and painted with paint. Wet facades with heat insulation are often common to find. Insulator is installed on the wall, and then plastered with decorative plaster.

Rainscreen is a newish technology. A metal frame which consists of brackets and profiles is fastened on the wall, then the facade cladding is attached to them. Cladding material can be very different. Porcelain tiles are usually used on the facades of building dwellers, and metal cassettes are used on the commercial real estate.

We offer:

  • Facade finishing
  • Facade cladding
  • Facade heat insulation
  • Non-aerated facade erection
  • Rainscreen erection
  • Facade face-lifting
  • Sealing interpanel seams
  • Ebbs and drains erection

Facade design and erection determine how long your building will last, what will be the interior climate.

Our company specializes in the implementation of high quality construction work. Our professionals perform Exterior work in accordance with established requirements and strict adherence to construction technology, taking into account the characteristics of various materials.