Erecting and Dismantling

Structures erected many years ago become unsuitable for use over time. They lose their strength and stability, and become dangerous, because at any time a collapse may occur. Dismantle old structures and, if necessary, erect new one should be fulfilled to avoid troubles.

We offer:


  • Building dismantling
  • Steel structures dismantling
  • Block foundation dismantling
  • Strip foundation dismantling
  • Wall dismantling
  • Roof dismantling and other


  • Steel structures erection
  • Reinforced concrete structures erection

Dismantling should be performed with extreme caution, so, it is better to entrust such work to specialists.

Our company specializes in the implementation of high quality construction work. Our professionals perform Erecting and Dismantling in accordance with established requirements and strict adherence to construction technology, taking into account the characteristics of various materials.