An important step in the repair of any premises, whether it is residential apartments or houses, office rooms, trading floors or production halls, is plastering. Creation of perfectly even surfaces suitable for applying a finishing decorative coating is their main goal. It is impossible to glue the wallpaper, paint or tile the wall provided the wall preliminary alignment were not fulfilled. The appearance and durability of the new finishing depend on the quality of these work.

We offer:

  • Wall preprocessing
  • Wall alignment
  • Wall plastering
  • Facade plastering

Depending on the method of applying the solution, there are two types: machine and manual plastering. The best quality and high speed are ensured the competent combination of professionalism and achievements of construction technology are used.

Our company specializes in the implementation of high quality construction work. Our professionals perform Plastering in accordance with established requirements and strict adherence to construction technology, taking into account the characteristics of various materials.